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If you travel and use hotels on a frequent basis then the chances of you bringing bedbugs back into your home are increased dramatically.  As hubs for travellers, most hotels can be prone to bedbug infestation.  The following tips will reduce those risks when staying away from home.

 When you arrive in your room...

1) Do not unpack.

Place your luggage in the bathroom until you're ready.  Bedbugs do not like shiny tiled areas and so it is unlikely they will be harbouring in there.

2) Inspect the bed.

You probably have enough luggage, without adding to it, but it is helpful to have a small torch and some surgical grade gloves during the inspection period.  Pull back the bedding and look along the mattress seams and behind the headboard.  Obvious signs are blood spots and dark 'spotting' like mould.  Adult bedbugs are distinctive if located.  They are about the size and shape of an apple pip, ranging from dark brown to dark red in colour.

3) Inspect other areas in your room.

It is advised that bedbugs hide no more than 15 feet from the bed but that is not written in stone.  Check in all the drawers, look behind picture frames. in wardrobes and even underneath the telephone.  Check for loose wallpaper and/or carpet and inspect behind these areas.  It is even worth checking in the Gideon Bible and hotel welcome pack.


If you are happy that there is no obvious sign of bedbugs...

1) Keep your luggage off the floor and beds.

Use the luggage rack, the desktop or table.  Keep tidy, don't leave clothing laying on the floor.

2) Keep luggage 'wrapped' if possible.

It may seem a little excessive but keeping your suitcases in bin liners will reduce the chances of bedbugs finding their way into your luggage.  Some luggage/travel suppliers will sell clear zippable outers especially for the job.


If you find obvious signs of bedbugs... 

1) Take your party and luggage out of the room immediately and go back down to reception to ask to be moved to another room.

Hoteliers are very aware of the damage bedbug bites can do to their reputation and will have no problem in finding you an alternative room.  They should even be thankful that you have helped identify a problem.

2) Ask for a room at least two floors away from the original room.

Bedbugs move up, down, left and right between rooms and so if the manager allocates you an alternative room close to the original infestation then there is a chance that room will also have bedbugs.  Oh, and dont forget to start the inspection process again.


It would only take one egg-laiden female bedbug to crawl into your suitcase for an infestatation to reach your home.   Pest controllers are often accused of being alarmist, and at Hemingford Pest Control we certainly do not want to detract from the aim of your trip, be it business or pleasure; but we know that forewarned is forearmed.





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